Meet the Team

In the over 50 years since our beginning, we've grown into more than just Hawaii's friendliest diplomats - YMT Vacations has taken our aloha spirit across the globe.

We have decades of experience leading mature travelers on dream vacations around the globe; learn a little bit more about our team of Travel Consultants and Guest Services Representatives who are proud to build on the wonderful tradition of hospitality started in Hawaii so many decades ago.

Our Friendly Travel Consultants:


Our Friendly Guest Service Representatives:


Favorite Travel Spot: I like to go 'outside the box' when I travel and try something very different from my usual comfort zone.

Fun Fact: I got into the travel business because I have always had a passion to travel. I believe that it's one of the best educations you can acquire. It keeps your mind fresh, gives you a new perspective on the world, and teaches you about other peoples, cultures, climates, wildlife, and world views. In just the past 10 years, I have visited 21+ countries. Life is an adventure....can't wait for the next one!


Favorite Travel Spot: I love traveling anywhere!! I love exploring Europe from castles to canals, and everything in between. I enjoy taking pictures wherever I go so I can relive the fun and beauty I've been lucky enough to experience. I'm so blessed with my job because I thoroughly enjoy helping people also enjoy our beautiful, interesting earth, and its many cultures!

Fun Fact: I used to be a bit of a dare devil. I did a lot of rock climbing in Joshua Tree, Yosemite, and random locations in our local foothills. I also went parachuting back in the 1980s before it was really regulated with tandem jumps accompanied by instructors, and using rectangular parachutes. I jumped solo in with a round chute which was the scariest, most exhilarating thing I've ever done in my life! Long story short, I broke my ankle in 3 places that required surgery. Since then, I am now terrified of heights!


Favorite Travel Spot: Hawaii. It has the most incredible plant life and is just the most beautiful and relaxing place to be.

Fun Fact: I enjoy spending time with my family snowmobiling, fishing, and of course being on our pontoon in the sun on the lake.


Favorite Travel Spot: I have travelled many places including Australia, Cambodia, Cuba, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Fiji, New Zealand, China, Spain, Tahiti and many more. My favorite so far has been Meteora Greece ---it took my breath away! Nothing compares to seeing monasteries built on top of rock towers at sunrise.

Fun Fact: My passion is traveling the world and exploring new cultures and cuisines. I will try anything as least once and if I don't like it... I may try it again to make sure!


Favorite Travel Spot: Nayarit, Mexico. My family grew up there and I have frequently visited there. The beaches are beautiful and it's a very welcoming atmosphere.

Fun Fact: I am a crafter.


Favorite Travel Spot: My favorite travel destination so far was Alaska. I loved seeing all the natural untouched beauty. From the ocean teaming with life to the snowcapped mountains and the glaciers that carved the land.

Fun Fact: I’m a big Disney fan.


Favorite Travel Spot: New York or Florida.

Fun Fact: My family and I are foodies and love trying out all different restaurants while on vacation!


Favorite Travel Spot: San Francisco. I gather my parents, children, brothers & sisters there whenever I can. We cruise the Bay on the Blue & Gold fleet, spend time at the attractions in Golden Gate Park, Ghirardelli Square, China Town, Fisherman’s Wharf & it never gets old. Next year we’ll be meeting up there heading onto Hawaii from San Francisco which is special because that’s where my Brother & I were born, while my Father served in the Coast Guard. Like YMT, I started out in Hawaii in the 60’s!

Fun Fact: I taught myself to play ukulele during the pandemic. It’s great fun!