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No matter what the destination, YMT Vacations is passionate about offering once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. This passion is not just a company value or goal, but a way of life that’s found in the hearts of all of our valued staff. Without their insatiable desire to explore and experience the world - including destinations both near and far - YMT Vacations could not offer the level of personal service and love of all things travel to our guests.

We encourage our staff members to experience the destinations we offer to ensure the quality of our tour packages. This allows them to become more knowledgeable with the day-to-day itinerary to better serve your travel interests while reinforcing the infectious passion for travel we value so much. After all, who better to discuss your interest in Alaska than with someone who recently experienced the magnificence of glaciers calving into the crystal blue waters? See what YMT destinations our staff members have recently visited, including a link to view a short collection of their personal photographs. Each experience tells a wonderful story, and we look forward to sharing the many adventures of our staff in the future!


Best of Ireland Tour - May 2011

In Chuck's owSee Chuck's photos on his Ireland tour!n words... "Ireland was wonderful! The weather was nice in May, only rained once, and the temperatures were in the 60's by afternoon. We saw all the highlights of everything expected, but my absolute favorite part was the time spent at Blarney Castle. We had plenty of time to explore on our own, and we discovered that there's a mansion right there on the castle grounds. We walked over, and were able to purchase tickets and take a guided tour of it. What a nice surprise. We learned about the amazing mansion and history of the Blarney estate, passed on from generation to generation, and still lived in! The interior decor and opulent furnishings inside were amazing. And the views of the estate grounds from both the mansion and castle were spectacular." See Chuck's Best of Ireland Tour photos!

Ancient Egypt Tour & Nile Cruise - May 2011

See pictures of Cindy's trip to Egypt and Nile River CruiseIn Cindy's own words... "Egypt offers history galore! the Pyramids, Sphinx, tombs, temples, Valley of the Kings – everything has miraculously been preserved and the details in the hieroglyphics and statues are so clear it was amazing. Our accommodations were very good throughout the tour – in fact, the resort in Hurghada was "off the charts" gorgeous. The Tour Guide was a wealth of information and the Egyptian people are the nicest, most welcoming people; everyone from the locals we met in the streets to the vendors and proprietors wanted to make sure we knew how much they like Americans. We had the best group of travelers from all parts of the U.S.; we all became good friends, are staying in touch, and are discussing other tours we may take together in the future.

"Not only were we amid a rich landscape overflowing with historical significance, we were able to witness first-hand "history in the making" with the political events still occurring in the Middle East. From our boat on the opposite bank of the Nile, we saw peaceful and organized protests forming in Tahrir Square. Moreover, the news of Osama Bin Laden's death was announced on the first day of our tour. Regardless of these events, we never felt any kind of danger, nor did we see any aggression or violence. The company took extra measures to ensure our safety, but we never felt threatened. In fact, I felt safer there than I do sometimes in Los Angeles! I only wish that others would consider Egypt as their next destination and not give as much credence to all the media hype and sensationalism on T.V. This was truly the trip of a lifetime!" See photos from Cindy's trip to Egypt!

Trans-Atlantic Cruise and Italy Tour - March 2011

View Alan's photos from his transatlantic cruiseIn Alan's own words... "I love Italy, and pretty much everything Italian. So having the chance to combine a relaxing Caribbean cruise (aboard a great Italian ship), a smooth transatlantic crossing to interesting ports in Spain and Portugal (Madeira is my absolutely favorite island) and ending up with a 5-day tour of Italy was a trip seemingly designed specifically for me. And it didn’t rain for 23 days!" See Alan's Trans-Atlantic Cruise and Italy Tour photos!

Ancient Egypt Tour & Nile Cruise - October 2010View Marlin's photos from her tour of Egypt

In Marlin's own words... "Egypt - the name says it all! I cannot describe how wonderful the experience was to be able to walk around the temples and experience the Pyramid. The grandeur of it all was way beyond anything I could have imagined. Definitely the tour of a lifetime!" See Marlin's photos from her trip to Egypt!

Alaska Cruise on ms Zuiderdam - August 2010

See Marlin's photos from her Alaska cruiseIn Marlin's own words... "Alaska can be summed up in one word: breathtaking. Waterfalls, eagles, whales - the beauty is beyond belief! While in Juneau, we even saw a brown bear on our hike to the glaciers. The peacefulness and serenity you feel while cruising the Inside Passage of Alaska is awesome!" See photos from Marlin's trip to Alaska!


Alaska Cruise on ms Volendam - August 2010

View photos from Cindy's Alaska vacationIn Cindy's own words... "Imagine waterfalls cascading into pools below while others are frozen mid-motion. Or prisms reflecting off the side of a mammoth glacier. The vastness and enormity of it all puts things in perspective. You feel like a speck in the universe. You grasp, more clearly than ever, the idea of a power higher than yourself." See Cindy's photos from her Alaska cruise!

Alaska Cruise on ms Volendam - July 2010

See Shalee's pictures from her Alaska cruiseIn Shalee's own words... "The highlight of my Alaska vacation was watching my son's face as chunks of ice crumbled into the bay in Glacier Bay National Park. Alaska is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world! The memories that my son and I created there will last a lifetime." See Shalee's photos from her Alaska Cruise!