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Classic Greek style makes Nauplion a must see in the Peloponnese

September 24, 2010 - 2:22am
Greece has many naval cities
Many travelers embark on a Europe tour to explore the mysteries and history of the old continent. This leads many tourists to head to the Aegean Sea in the hopes of seeing some of the classic structures and natural beauty of Greece. While larger cities like Athens may be a more popular destination for senior travel, a vacation to Nauplion will provide all of the old world style one could ask for.

Also known as Nafplion, Nauplion is a seaport town on the north end of the Argolic Gulf with a deep connection to Greek history. Nauplion was the first capital of Modern Greece, only losing that moniker to Athens in 1834.

As one may suspect of a seaside city, Nauplion features a strong seaport area. Historically, Nauplion was a naval power in the region named for the famous sea-faring Greek Hero, Nafplios.

Travelers will find a unique architecture in Nauplion that incorporates aspects of 18th century Europe as well as Byzantine and Ottoman influences. Stoic and picturesque alleyways are overlooked by small balconies that scream of Venice, while sizable mansions lined with Ionic and Doric columns will remind visitors that this is unmistakably Greece.