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Panzanella: One of Many Traditional Tuscan Dishes to Try on Italy Tour

December 16, 2011 - 2:24am
Panzanella: One of Many Traditional Tuscan Dishes to Try on Italy Tour
Cuisine is one of the most delicious parts of an Italy tour, and the dishes offered in Tuscany are a great way for travelers to ignite their passion for fresh, gourmet food. Tuscan meals, such as panzanella, are centralized around natural ingredients with lots of flavor. Many dishes have been a part of Tuscan tradition for centuries, giving tourists a chance to taste the heritage of the Mediterranean region.

Panzanella, also called Tuscan bread salad, is a refreshing dish that complements the warm Mediterranean climate perfectly. The main ingredients are bread, tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar, onions and basil - other vegetables and herbs can be added, but the traditional dish is a simple one. In fact, tomatoes were not added until the 1900s, but they add a lot of color, giving the meal a patriotic Italian appeal.

The dish has been a part of Tuscan culture for hundreds of years - Italian artist Bronzino wrote a poem about panzanella in the 1500s. His description of the meal included cucumbers and purslane, which is a leafy vegetable often used in salads around the world. Visitors are sure to find many variations of the dish in Tuscan restaurants while on their Europe tours.