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Prague's Museum of Toys is Fun for All Ages

November 30, 2011 - 2:24am
Prague's Museum of Toys is Fun for All Ages
The Museum of Toys in Prague is not just for kids, and it can be a great way for visitors to reconnect with their childhoods while on Europe tours. This museum is the second largest of its kind in the entire world and showcases toys from ancient times through the present.

Visitors can explore seven different exhibitions on the two floors of the small museum. On display are toys from ancient Greece such as hoops, rattles and knucklebones - an ancient version of jacks. There are also a vast number of traditional Czech toys at the museum, including the oldest Marklin toy train engine. Marklin trains were originally steam-powered, a far cry from the battery-operated toys of modern times.

Visitors will also get the chance to see an extensive collection of legendary tin and wooden toys owned by Ivan Steiger, a Prague-born filmmaker and cartoonist. The toys were once located at the Toy Museum in Munich, but were moved to Prague when the Czech museum opened in 1994.

Visiting the Museum of Toys in the Czech Republic is a great way for visitors to feel young again. Seeing some of these traditional playthings could bring back memories of childhood that have long been forgotten.