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Legend of the Trevi Fountain captivates visitors

October 12, 2011 - 2:25am
Legend of the Trevi Fountain captivates visitors
From the 2,000-year history of Ancient Rome to its spot as a center of the Renaissance, the city's place in the world cannot be overstated and it has become a required stop on a tour of Italy. The ancient civilizations that once inhabited the area were innovators in many rights, and some of their ingenious and intricate creations are still visible - and functional - today.

Rome is famous in part for the number of fountains throughout its borders that once provided drinking water for its citizens. One of the most well-known is the immense Trevi Fountain located in front of the Palazzo Poli.

The fountain was finished in 1762 and today stands an impressive 85.3 feet high and 65.6 feet wide, making it the largest Baroque fountain in the entire city. Though its architecture is among its most appealing features, the Trevi Fountain has also become an icon over the years due to a longstanding local legend.

The story maintains that any tourist who throws money in the fountain is guaranteed a return to the Italian capital at some point in their future. The legend seems to have struck a chord with visitors as an estimated 3,000 Euros are thrown in each day.