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Travel the world at the Dublin Zoo

April 29, 2011 - 2:27am
The Dublin Zoo's Phoenix Park is home to hundreds of different species, making it the perfect place for animal lovers to visit on a vacation to Ireland. For more than 170 years, it has been a popular attraction for tourists and their families.

When it was opened in the 1830s, zoo officials intended to give Irish people the opportunity to see new and interesting animals. Over the last few decades, the facility has expanded to about 66 acres and now features more than 700 animals and birds.

The attraction is divided into a number of different exhibits that allow guests to travel the world in the course of a day. In the Plains of Africa, vacationers will enjoy seeing the zebras and giraffes roam free, while a herd of elephants can be found in the Asian Rainforests and penguins at Fringes of the Arctic. Children are not forgotten, as there is a petting zoo that is sure to delight younger travelers.

Zoos are certainly not complete without a collection of primates to entertain the masses, including chimpanzees, tamarins, gorillas, lemurs, orangutans and gibbons.