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Visit Cork for a lesson in Irish history

March 3, 2011 - 2:28am
Blarney Castle
Those traveling to Ireland have plenty of interesting areas to check out, and many of them lie in the richly-historic town of Cork. Located on the southern border of the country, the area features such sights as the Rock of Cashel, the Blarney Castle and much more.

The Rock of Cashel, known to the locals as Cashel of the Kings or St. Patrick's Rock, lies beneath the building that served as a former sovereign home, built in the Middle Ages. Here, tourists will discover intricate medieval architecture on the structures that sit atop the rock, which is situated on a plateau about 200 feet above the plains.

Another important attraction that tourists should not miss is Blarney Castle, which is home to the famous Stone of Eloquence. The castle is said to have been built between the 13th and 15th centuries, serving as the seat of the MacCarthy dynasty. The legend surrounding the Blarney Stone says that anyone who kisses it will be blessed with the "gift of gab," or the gift of persuasive rhetoric.

Travelers may also want to visit the small town of Cobh, which was the last port of call for the Titanic's fateful voyage in 1912.