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A world of culture and history awaits tourists in Turkey

January 25, 2011 - 2:29am
Turkey is increasingly becoming hot spot for travelers seeking a place with personality, rising beyond the popularity of Italy, France and Spain. The New York Times recently named the capital city of Istanbul as the number one destination in its "2010 Places to Go" poll, highlighting the location's "historic charm," hospitality, and multi-cultural offerings.

Turkey is brimming with fascinating history that is sure to pique the interests of first-time travelers. In the turquoise-hued Antalya region on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, visitors can check out the town of Aspendos to see its sensational theater, a primeval structure that was erected in 162 AD. Many opera and ballet shows still appear at this ravishing venue, as it has been quite magnificently maintained throughout the years.

The region of Alanya is where tourists can really dive into the local culture. Fresh seafood like bonito, blue fish and mackerel dishes, which are staples of Turkish cuisine, as well as deep-fried mussels and hamsi borek, can be found at nearby restaurants. Shoppers can spend that money burning a whole in their pockets on handmade leather goods, jewelry, handbags and more at the charming shops along the harbor.