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Spooky Adventures Await at the Berlin Chamber of Horrors

December 17, 2012 - 7:00pm
Spooky Adventures Await at the Berlin Chamber of Horrors

Berlin, Germany, has many unique destinations for travelers to visit, from centuries-old buildings to important historical landmarks. Not every structure can be preserved in its original state, and one air-raid shelter from the Second World War has been transformed into a unique destination that will thrill and terrify visitors. The Berlin Chamber of Horrors, or Gruselkabinett, is a must-see for travelers who enjoy haunted houses with a historical twist.

The Chamber of Horrors features three separate exhibitions located on the three floors of the bunker. The top floor is set up in the style of a classic haunted house, with skeletal figures, fog machines, low lighting and spooky creatures who may jump out of the shadows. Visitors can then proceed to the ground floor, which is set up to chronicle the history of medicine in an exciting and shocking way. There are scenes from medieval times, surgical displays and other gruesome scenes.

Once they make it past these two floors of fright, travelers can take a break from the horrors above and proceed to the basement. This area of the bunker is dedicated to preserving the original reason for the building's existence, and visitors will have the chance to see various items that were left in the shelter, including newspapers, bomb splinters and personal effects. There is also a series of photos that were taken by the Allies during the war that allows guests to see what the bunker looked like from above at that time.

The Berlin Chamber of Horrors is a fun place to visit on a trip to Germany. Not only does this attraction offer thrills, laughs and surprises, it also gives travelers the chance to gain insight into what life was like for people living in Germany during World War II. History and excitement come alive at this unique haunted house, helping visitors have an unforgettable experience.