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Three Exhibits in One at Berlin's Pergamon Museum

December 26, 2012 - 2:21pm
Three Exhibits in One at Berlin's Pergamon Museum

Berlin has many different museums that showcase everything from art and science to German and world history, and one such destination stands out from the crowd. The Pergamon Museum, located on the city's Museum Island, features three distinct wings of exhibits that allow travelers to see many different artifacts and works of art all under one roof. From the Collection of Classical Antiquities to the Museum of Islamic Art and the Museum of the Ancient Near East, visitors will find there is plenty to see in an afternoon.

The original Pergamon Museum was built in the early 1900s to house items from the Berlin Museums, but was demolished prior to the First World War, according to the museum's website. The current facility was constructed based on the various items to be displayed, which were divided into three major categories.

The Museum of the Ancient Near East
The Ancient Near East exhibit is touted as one of the best collections of its kind, Berlin.de reports. Here, travelers will find the Gate of Babylon, decorated with intricate carvings of dragons, lions and bulls, as well as many other artifacts and noteworthy structures that date back as far as the beginning of the written word in this region.

Museum of Islamic Art
Visitors can explore an array of Islamic art in this wing. There are items that range from the 8th through 19th centuries such as textiles, paintings, crafts and other creations that cover Islamic cultures in Spain, Egypt, India and elsewhere.

The Collection of Classical Antiquities
In this exhibit hall, guests will see examples of Roman and Hellenistic art. There is even a frieze, the section of wall just below the ceiling, that depicts a battle between Greek gods and giants.

The museum has been undergoing restorations since 2008, and the work is being done in stages so the museum can remain open. Travelers might want to find out which section is being worked on before their visit, as they may not be able to access every exhibit at the Pergamon Museum when they visit Berlin on their Europe tours. Even if one wing is closed to visitors, there is still a vast array of other objects and works of art for guests to see.