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Art, Culture and History: Nijmegen's Museum het Valkhof Has It All

December 26, 2012 - 2:21pm
Art, Culture and History: Nijmegen's Museum het Valkhof Has It All

Travelers who want to learn about the long, rich history of the Netherlands may want to include a stop at the Museum het Valkhof in Nijmegen. Not only is this museum located in the country's oldest city, but it includes exhibitions about the history of the area dating back to ancient Roman times. The museum is also home to a wide array of art that spans the 17th century all the way through the 20th century. With such a variety of exhibits to explore, the museum is a fun place to visit whether travelers are interested in history or culture.

Local History Comes Alive
The Museum het Valkhof exposes the history of Nijmegen and the surrounding province of Gelderland as far back as prehistoric ages. The artifacts spanning this long time period help visitors get a better picture of how the region has changed over the centuries. The museum's website indicates that the Netherlands' role in the Roman Empire is the major focus of the historical exhibits, and various aspects including religion, burial customs, trade and crafts help give guests a better idea of what life was like during this time.

Examples of Classic and Modern Art
In addition to the historical displays, the Valkhof has two dedicated art galleries. The Old Masters collection has a wide assortment of paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings and other works that encapsulate the city's role in the art movement between the 17th and 20th centuries. Modern art is another important area of focus, as the Netherlands experienced a cultural boom that began in the 1960s known as the Dutch Pop Art movement. This exhibit is divided into eight main themes that embody the explosion of art in this region in the 60s, and the entire display was arranged by Swip Stolk, who is an expert in the Dutch Pop Art field.

When visitors come to Nijmegen on their European tours, they can kill two birds with one stone and learn about the city's history and cultural significance at the Museum het Valkhof. This is a great place for travelers to explore if they want to see how people lived in centuries past or how the more recent art explosion helped shape modern day culture in Nijmegen.