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The Rector's Palace Exemplifies Centuries of Croatian Heritage

January 2, 2013 - 4:36pm
The Rector's Palace Exemplifies Centuries of Croatian Heritage

Dubrovnik, Croatia, is home to the Rector's Palace, which is a stunning example of many different architectural styles. The original building was constructed with a Gothic design, but thanks to many redesigns and renovations over the years, it now also displays some Renaissance and Baroque influence. Located in the center of Dubrovnik's Old Town, the palace has played an integral role in the city's history, serving as a political meeting place for many centuries. These days, this building is used as a Cultural Historical Museum where visitors can come to learn about Dubrovnik's heritage.

A brief history of the Rector's Palace construction
Built on a spot that has long been used to defend the area, the Rector's Palace has been standing since the 11th century. This place may not be as grandiose as many other royal estates, but it is this exact element that makes the building such a strong example of Croatian heritage. Many of the centuries-old structures in the region mirror the simplicity and lack of exaggerated luxury that can be seen in the Rector's Palace. The original building followed a Gothic style, but following a gunpowder explosion in the mid-1400s, the palace was rebuilt, Croatia.hr reports. Architect Salvi de Michele employed the use of Renaissance styles that were popular at the time. An earthquake about 200 years later required further renovations, which is how Baroque architecture was incorporated into the building.

Features of today's exhibitions
The palace currently houses a number of exhibit halls that feature various artifacts chronicling the city's cultural heritage. There is a vast collection of paintings and other works of art by famed artists such as Carracci, Tintoretto and Giorgione, according to Dubrovnik-Guide.net. Travelers will also see examples of furniture and coins that have been used in the area in past centuries. DubrovnikCity.com reports the original keys that unlocked the ancient city gates are on display, and there are many rooms that have been arranged to show visitors what they would have looked like at various time periods throughout history.

When travelers come to Croatia on a Grand European Cruise, they can learn all about the history of the area at the Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik. Not only do the exhibits help visitors get a clear picture of what life has been like in this city since the 1200s, but the building itself exemplifies the characteristics of the region as well. Simple but elegant, the Rector's Palace is likely one destination that travelers will not soon forget.