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Frankfurt's City Forest Offers Escape From Urban Settings

May 8, 2013 - 3:19pm
Frankfurt's City Forest Offers Escape From Urban Setting

In the midst of the urban metropolis of Frankfurt, travelers can trade the concrete jungle for a more natural setting without having to go very far. Frankfurt is already one of the most heavily wooded urban areas in Germany, and the municipal forest, just south of the city center, provides the perfect escape to nature, with plentiful hiking trails, horseback riding routes and opportunities to simply relax and bask in nature during senior travel tours to Europe.

History of the City Forest
The municipal forest of Frankfurt has been an integral part of the region for centuries. According to the Frankfurt tourism website, the forest grounds were purchased in 1372 by city officials from previous owner Kaiser Karl IV. The nearly 6,000-hectare parcel of land once belonged to the Imperial Forest. Over the years, modern developments and industrialization have encroached on the forests, but officials enacted the Forest Act of Hesse in 1993 to protect and preserve the remaining forest, Frankfurt Green City reports.

What to See
Within the park, visitors will encounter a variety of trees - oak, beech, pine, spruce and Douglas fir trees make up the majority of the looming plants in the forest. Frankfurt Green City indicates that most of these trees are between 40 and 60 years old, so much of the area is considerably young. This is largely due to the fact that loggers are constantly removing fully grown trees from the forest, and replacing what they take with young saplings. The park is also unique because it isn't just a plot of uninterrupted wildlife - many streets run through the grounds, but no more can be built thanks to the preservation efforts of 1993.

What to Do
Visitors who want to spend a day in nature on their escorted vacation have a slew of activities to choose from. They can take a leisurely stroll along one of the many paved paths that wind through the forest or hike a more challenging trail. Guests with equestrian passions can see the park from atop horses while those looking to relax might want to find a serene clearing and have a picnic lunch. Travelers with a thirst for knowledge can quench their craving at the StadtWaldHaus, a forestry and ecology center that is actually built around a massive oak tree. Frankfurt.de reports there are many exhibitions to explore here.

Whether senior travel groups are nature enthusiasts or just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Frankfurt for a bit, the city forest is the ideal place to visit. Its close proximity to the metropolis makes it easy to stop by for a short visit or spend a whole day exploring the many trails the park has to offer.