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Cork's Best Restaurants to Suit Any Senior Travel Groups

May 20, 2013 - 4:37pm
Cork's Best Restaurants to Suit Any Senior Travel Groups

Touring Ireland is sure to make any traveler hungry, and those who find themselves in Cork will have plenty of dining options. This city has it all, from contemporary dining to gastropubs and cafes. The food in Cork is just as diverse as the people who call this Irish metropolis home. Whether visitors want to take in local culture or dine on something fresh and new, Cork is the place to be.

Casual Dining All Day Long
Cork is filled with excellent places to dine, especially if travelers want to grab a quick snack or enjoy a relaxed, casual meal. The Boqueria might be ideal for a senior travel tour, as this tapas restaurant is designed for larger groups. For an earlier meal, visitors can check out the Farmgate Cafe, which serves up breakfast sandwiches in the English Market. Guests can sip on coffee or tea while they enjoy breakfast and watch the early morning shoppers peruse the produce.

For Fancier Fare
Even travelers who prefer to dine in a more casual setting like to jazz it up a bit, and when they find themselves in Cork, The Ivory Tower is an ideal destination. The high-class restaurant provides an array of international cuisine, from Mexican soul food to Japanese dishes and French Haute fare. All the food is prepared by celebrity chef Seamus O'Connell, and the restaurant has been given rave reviews by critics the world over, including The New York Times.

Grab a Quick Pint
To really imbibe the culture of Ireland, sipping on a pint of lager at a local pub is the best route to take. Cork has plenty of pubs to choose from, but a few stand out from the crowd. The Franciscan Well is a hit among locals and visitors alike, as it serves up a variety of home-brewed beer and has an outdoor patio on which to enjoy a drink. IrishCentral.com reports this pub was voted Ireland's Best Microbrewery in 2009. Reardens is another popular spot that is often crowded all day and night. There is live music nearly every night, making it the perfect stop for those who love to tap their toes and sway their hips.

With so many options to choose from, it may be a good idea for visitors to leave their dining plans open when they come to Cork. They might be better off waiting until they're in the city to decide what they'd like to eat. It's possible they'll stumble across a hidden gem, but they'll at least be able to whet their appetite for spontaneity.