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Cobh's Finest Asian Eateries

June 28, 2013 - 4:43pm
The vibrancy of Cobh is highlighted in its diverse cuisine options.

Travelers expect to find world-class soda bread and a few delectable shepherd's pies on any trip to Ireland, but few visitors on group travel packages will experience some of the tastiest Asian food they've ever tried. The small town of Cobh has more than its fair share of fine Asian cuisine, all of which is worth trying!

China Sea
Offering in-house dining as well as take out options, China Sea is the perfect place for a quick lunch on the go or a nice sit-down dinner with friends or travel partners. Specializing in Cantonese Cuisine, this eatery also provides some European dishes, in case any travelers in a party are not interested in Asian cuisine for that particular meal. China Sea is located on Bishop Road a few blocks from the sea - just far enough to prompt most travelers to take an after-meal walk to the beach to help any big entrees settle in their stomach.

Wan Fu
Located in Old Town Hall, Wan Fu provides beautiful seaside views of historic Cobh buildings that are complemented by aromatic Chinese spices, veggies and meats. Wan Fu provides both modern entrees and traditional dishes, including char siu pork sauteed with mixed vegetables in oyster sauce, delectable crab meat and sweetcorn soup and mushroom foo yung. Vegetarian travelers will find a bevy of meat-free dishes that provide all the flavor of Chinese cuisine.

Blue Ocean
While this eatery is in neighboring Mitchelstown, its fusion of Malaysian, Thai and Chinese offerings makes this a restaurant worth traveling to. Local favorites include the half aromatic duck, which is served in a plum sauce and complemented by cucumber, carrots and spring onions, fresh steamed mussels in black bean or spicy sauce and the chicken hot pot.

Travelers can find a wealth of eateries in the Cork village of Cobh​ that include everything from traditional Irish fare to international cuisine. With eateries ranging in price range from budget to luxurious, visitors taking advantage of affordable travel options will have no trouble finding somewhere delectable to eat that's within their price range.