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Italian Cuisine in Naples, Italy

July 25, 2013 - 7:43am
Some of the best cuisine to try while visiting Naples, Italy.

In addition to the beautiful sights that line the streets of Naples, the local cuisine is sure to intrigue visitors. With so much to try and taste, senior travel groups will never be running on an empty stomach. 

Gelateria della Scimmia
The best and most famous gelato destination in Naples should be at the top of every visitor's list, especially on a hot day. The menu at Gelateria della Scimmia includes gelato, semifreddo and torta as well as a variety of other options. Make sure to take the time to stop and enjoy a cool, authentic dessert. 

A Taverna Do Re
Located adjacent to the theater Mercadante in the central Piazza Municipio is A Taverna Do Re. The Piazza Municipio is one of the largest squares in Europe and one of the most important in Naples, so guests and visitors stopping to eat at A Taverna Do Re are sure to see some of the best parts of the city. 

The menu at A Taverna Do Re varies according to what's in season and what is available at the market. Guests will enjoy the perfect mixture of Mediterranean flavors with Neapolitan culture. The pizza at A Taverna Do Re is also cheap, and when complemented with a carafe of wine, will only cost about $13. 

Da Michele
The birthplace of pizza is near Naples, so guests should be stop by the best known pizzeria Da Michele for some of the most authentic pizza they've ever tasted. Established in 1870, Da Michele's uses natural ingredients for their pizzas as well as an old, traditional and time-tested method of leavening the dough. 

Antica Cantina del Gallo
Visitors looking for a pizzeria off the beaten path should head to Antica Cantina del Gallo. Nestled perfectly between the District Health of Materdei and Fontanelle, this hidden gem has traditional Neapolitan pizza as well as other dishes like penne and pizza cafona. 

Always battling other pizzerias over the area's best pizza, Sorbillo always has a flurry of guests munching on pizza at a nearby table. Using traditional cooking methods, this delicious restaurant can be found along Via Tribunali near Via Nilo. 

Guests and visitors who want to find authentic Neapolitan pizza should look for a "Vera Pizza" sign. Affordable travel packages to Naples and across Italy will send guests and visitors into the most delicious of food comas.