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Shop Until You Drop in Dusseldorf - The City of Fashion

August 30, 2013 - 3:18pm
Dusseldorf is Germany's fashion city, but it has much more to offer visitors than just retail shops.

A senior travel tour through Germany provides guests the opportunity to spend the day in Dusseldorf, the fashion capital of Germany. Since most of the city's attractions are easily reached by foot or public transportation, it's not difficult for visitors to get where they need to go.

Behind the Fashion Scene in Dusseldorf
Known as "the catwalk of Germany," Dusseldorf boasts the latest designer fashions and trends. The city even hosts a biannual event called "The Gallery Dusseldorf" that attracts fashion designers and buyers from all over the world.

When the fashion industry is determining what trends and styles are going to be big during the following season, The Gallery Dusseldorf is where it all takes place. There are more than 800 showrooms for designers to present their latest creations.

For the ultimate shopping destination, Konigsallee is the Rodeo Drive of Dusseldorf. Polo, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Armani, Gucci, Prada, Tiffany and Co. and Versace line the road, which locals affectionately call "Ko."

More to Explore
There are more than just high-end labels in Dusseldorf; sightseers can also shop in antique stores, galleries and purchase unique artwork from dealers. There's also old town where fashion boutiques and alternative stores are nearly unlimited. For those who want to grab a drink after a day of shopping, a number of charming pubs and bars give the city's guests a chance to relax. World-class theaters, concert halls, art galleries, museums and historic sites also make Dusseldorf a cultural hub.

Dusseldorf is also home to Europe's third-largest Japanese community and Immermannstrasse. Travelers who visit Immermannstrasse may think they are actually in Japan as numerous ethnic supermarkets, bookshops and restaurants line the streets.

For those who want to unwind after spending the day in the city, Burgplatz offers views of the Rhine River and opportunities to observe local culture.

Visitors can find themselves shopping at some of the world's finest stores as they travel on Germany river cruises.