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Europe Tours Guide: What to Pack for Italy

September 30, 2013 - 12:16pm
Seniors going on Europe tours of Italy can prepare by bringing along the right shoes, apparel and documentation.

Seniors getting ready to head off on Europe tours of Italy have a lot to prepare for. The unique climate and conditions of this Old World country require specific apparel and other items for a comfortable stay. Visitors heading to Italy can be well-prepared by bringing these essentials:


When senior travel groups arrive at this stunning destination, they'll be greeted by a pleasant Mediterranean climate. During summer, it can be quite hot, with temperatures often reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Thunderstorms are also common during this time of year. Guests arriving in the hot season may want to bring light, airy clothing, like tank tops, shorts and spring dresses. A swimsuit will also be necessary for taking dips in the Mediterranean Sea.

Winters are cool but moderate, and temperatures can reach up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the warmer months of the season. People coming to Italy at this time of year may want to pack pants, sweaters and a light jacket to stay toasty, as well as T-shirts and other light clothing to wear underneath in case of warmer days.


Even with group travel packages that take care of transportation for guests, seniors visiting Italy can expect to do quite a bit of walking. Whether they're exploring the halls of the Sistine Chapel or walking down cobblestone streets, visitors will benefit from a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Those who intend on visiting the beautiful Umbrian countryside may want to choose shoes that can endure a variety of terrain. To fit in with the locals, travelers may want to keep fashion in mind when selecting footwear - Italians are known for their chic style! Europeans rarely wear white running shoes that are common among Americans, so it may be best to leave those at home.


While senior travel groups take care of most travel documents, people going abroad still need to obtain their passports. The application process can take four to six weeks to complete, so it's important to apply well in advance. Vacationers may want to invest in a passport protector as well as a money belt that can protect them from pickpockets.

By remembering to bring along these basic items, visitors can make the most of their senior travel tours. And, of course, don't forget the basics of any vacation, like a camera to capture the memories and a strong taste for adventure.