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Choosing the Best River Cruises for You

July 23, 2014 - 8:38am
While anyone could attempt to offer some of the best river cruises, only YMT Vacations has the proven history of excellence and experience to give you the most amazing, memorable, and enjoyable vacation package available. With a history going back for many decades, our staff is able to put their knowledge and experience to your benefit.

Consider that while many companies offer a wide variety of vacation packages, very few of them are all inclusive. Simply put, YMT Vacations offers all-around packages to cruise Europe with such extensive skill and customer service that, often, over half of our departing guests are returning guests from prior voyages.

What Makes Our Choices Some of the Best River Cruises?

To begin with, most cruise lines, regardless of whether it is a river cruise or an ocean cruise, only include the actual price of cruise admission. They do not offer the chance to book airfare through them, nor do they cover many excursions off the ship – if, indeed, they cover any excursions at all.

These issues leave you with the hassle of having to arrange plane fare on your own as well as budgeting for your additional expenses and excursions. No one wants to have to worry about their budget when they’re on vacation – after all, most people are on vacation to get away from all the things they are worrying about!

Furthermore, YMT Vacations offers some of the best river cruises because we use ships exclusively chartered for us. That means we also put you on board with like minded travelers. Nothing is worse than booking a cruise line vacation, only to discover that you have ended up on the “party boat” which is flooded with a mass of young twenty-somethings whose fun can sometimes interrupt yours. With a river cruise from YMT Vacations, you can rest assured knowing that you will be able to meet people that you have things in common with while on your cruise. You'll encounter mature travelers who are just as interested as you are in enjoying what the journey and the destination has to offer while building wonderful memories – not younger kids looking for parties.

With a vacation package from YMT Vacations, airfare is often included from many US cities, and where there is no air fare available, a small supplement can be added to have your flight come from an airport close to you. Also included on your river cruise are all of your hotel accommodations during nights in port while you’re engaging in sightseeing in some of the world’s most interesting cities and locations. Additionally, food while on board is included in the cost of the vacation, with amazing dinners on board the ship each and every night.

Why delay? With YMT Vacations, you can have one of the best river cruises for your money