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Olympic National Park Attractions: Shi Shi Beach is a Natural Haven

February 22, 2013 - 10:12am
Olympic National Park Attractions: Shi Shi Beach is a Natural Haven

Olympic National Park is one of the most unique natural landscapes in North America, and Shi Shi Beach is a prime example of the one-of-a-kind beauty travelers will encounter when their senior group travel takes them to Washington. The coastal destination offers a blend of coastal forest and ocean beach ecosystems that serves as a home for many different plants and animals. The biggest draw of this spot is arguably the stunning sea stacks that line the shore. These naturally carved rock formations, in addition to the wildlife and panoramic views, make Shi Shi Beach a must-see spot on any escorted vacation.

Wildlife at Shi Shi Beach
Many birds and other creatures call Shi Shi Beach their home, and visitors will likely glimpse a few animals along the approximately four-mile stretch of sand. According to the National Park Service, there have been bald eagle sightings at this destination, so travelers will want to be sure to bring their binoculars and scan the trees that line the beach carefully for the nests of these nationally acclaimed winged creatures. Thanks to the constant presence of visitors and campers, the area is also popular for raccoons and other scavenging animals.

Sea stacks
Sea stacks are large rocks that emerge from the sea a short distance from the natural coastline. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the ocean waves wear down the softer outer-layers of rocks that once formed cliffs or headlands, leaving behind erosion-resistant rock. The massive sea stacks appear in various forms - some have transformed into delicate arches while other are simply massive boulders, but all have been carved into natural works of art by the sea. They range in size from the more modest rocks that are no taller than an adult man to imposing boulders the size of buildings.

The trails that lead to Shi Shi Beach are only traversable by foot, but the Washington Trails Association indicates the paths are accessible to hikers and visitors young and old. Conditions can be a bit muddy, so it is especially important for travelers to bring along the appropriate footwear to traverse this area and see all it has to offer. Olympic National Park, especially along coastal regions like Shi Shi Beach, is unmistakably beautiful and makes a great addition to affordable travel packages in this region.