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Ireland's natural beauty abounds in the Ring of Kerry

September 1, 2010 - 2:23am
There are many places to stop and enjoy the scenery of the Ring of Kerry
Travelers from across the globe book Europe tours to better understand the culture, art and food of the old continent, yet with the recently renewed push towards green living and sustainability, tourists have begun to stray away from the larger cities in favor of more naturally beautiful sites and attractions. For those eco-conscious travelers planning an excursion to Ireland in the future, a stop at the Ring of Kerry is a must.

Perfect for motorcoach tours, the Ring of Kerry is a tourist trail through County Kerry that takes visitors on a scenic jaunt through the rolling green hills of the Irish countryside. Along the route are a number of cultural and historical sites that are sure to keep travelers interested.

Perhaps the most popular of these sites is the Muckross House, a 64-room Victorian mansion designed by famed Scottish architect William Burn in 1843. The home was owned by renowned politician Henry Arthur Herbert, and served as a venue to entertain many of the prominent figures of the day, most notably Queen Victoria in 1861.

Touring the Ring of Kerry can be great fun, and visitors should note that with group discounts and package deals, the trip can be a prime example of affordable travel.