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Nuremberg Medieval Dungeons Add Excitement to Europe Tours

December 14, 2012 - 6:22am
Nuremberg Medieval Dungeons Add Excitement to Europe Tours

In the 14th century, kings battled for control over the land in Europe, and they maintained their authority by punishing criminals and traitors in some very severe ways. Travelers who visit Nuremberg, Germany, will have the chance to see some of these medieval torture devices in the very place where they were used hundreds of years ago. The medieval dungeons in the Old Town Hall are a great way to make a Europe vacation even more memorable.

In the basement of the Old Town Hall, there are twelve cells that were used to hold prisoners awaiting trial or execution, according to Nuremberg's official website. Not every cell was the same as the next, and two were reserved for prisoner punishment while others were used to hold those who had committed specific crimes. The door of the 11th cell displays a picture of a red cockerel, which the source indicates is the emblem for arson. The 12th cell was reserved for slander, which was denoted by a black cat.

The Chapel may be the highlight of the tour, as this room, with its vaulted ceiling, was perfect for a number of medieval devices. Here, prisoners were tortured until they confessed or died. These machines and weapons are on display as they would have been arranged during the 1300s, giving guests an eerily accurate depiction of the horrors that awaited wrongdoers during this period in history.

A guided tour of the dungeons takes about 20 minutes, making it easy for travelers to schedule a visit to this unique destination when their tours bring them to the city of Nuremberg. The experience is not for everyone, as the displays and stories surrounding the medieval dungeons may be too gruesome for some to bear, but those who brave the tour will likely never forget their time here.