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Salzburg's Hellbrunn Palace: History and Fun in One Place

March 27, 2013 - 3:14pm
Salzburg's Hellbrunn Palace: History and Fun in One Place

Austria has many interesting places to visit on an escorted vacation to Europe, including the famed Hellbrunn Palace in Salzburg. This 17th century royal manor is steeped in history and features fun sights inside the building and around the palace gardens. There are even many trick fountains throughout Hellbrunn that add an element of whimsy to this European travel destination. Whether visitors have a passion for history or they enjoy the beauty of past eras, the Hellbrunn Palace is sure to please.

Hellbrunn Palace
The palace was built in 1612 for Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus von Hohenems, according to Salzburg.info. It is not palatial in a traditional sense, as it is a smaller building more similar to a manor than a palace. Markus Sittikus used this location as a summer palace, which the destination's website indicates was where the leader came to relax, vacation and have fun. This is why the gardens and fountains play such an important role at Hellbrunn.

Hellbrunn Park
Hellbrunn's backyard is home to the "Ziergarten," which translates to the "pleasure garden," Visit-Salzburg.net reports. The Ziergarten is the epicenter of the Hellbrunn Park that extends in all directions and includes small ponds, many flower beds and two iconic obelisks. Aside from the many fountains, the obelisks are the only remaining fixtures from the original garden, as it has been redesigned many times over the centuries. When travelers get group travel deals to Austria in the warmer months, they will get the chance to see the gardens come alive with butterflies and a variety of flowers and other plants.

Trick Fountains
Perhaps the most iconic aspect of the palace is the array of unique fountains. Markus Sittikus had a love for Renaissance art and whimsy, which is why he had so many trick fountains, called "Wasserspiele" positioned around the grounds. Waterworks are hidden within Renaissance-style sculptures to add an element of surprise to the beauty of the pieces. Perhaps the most amusing of these is the Roman Theater, which is a marble table with eight seats along the lengths and one at the head of the table. The ninth seat is the only one not rigged to the hidden fountain, as it was Markus' place. According to Sallerhof.com, Markus' guests were not allowed to get up from the table until he did, but they did not know their chairs were hooked up to a fountain that sprayed water out around them.

This is a small glimpse into what Hellbrunn Palace has to offer senior travel groups that come to Salzburg on their European vacations. With so much to explore, visitors may want to plan to spend a whole day at this historic destination so they have time to tour the palace and explore the gardens.