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Santorini blends history and relaxation like no other

July 19, 2011 - 2:26am
Santorini blends history and relaxation like no other
With history stretching back thousands of years, it's no surprise that Greece is regarded as the cradle of Western civilization. As such, it is one of the most enticing vacation destinations in the world, and has much more to offer than its beautiful coastline, pristine azure waters and temperate climate.

Cruising through the Greek isles gives vacationers the opportunity to stop by Santorini, which is among the most appealing locations in the Aegean Sea. Situated along the remnants of a volcano, this island features some breathtaking cliffs along the coast that feature nearly 1000-foot sheer drops - enough to rattle the knees of even the most experienced sightseers.

With such a rich history, it likely comes as no surprise that Santorini is home to some fertile archaeological grounds. Specifically, Akrotiri has yielded a number of awe-inspiring finds, including a large collection of frescoes and vases dating back thousands of years.

Though Santorini offers plenty of historical weight, it is not lacking in terms of relaxation as well. With a small but thriving wine industry, as well as plenty of beaches and warm waters, vacationers will have no problem kicking back.