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Tips for Sightseeing in Europe

September 27, 2013 - 9:16am
Follow this helpful tips for getting to different attractions around during Europe tours.

Seniors setting off on Europe tours have likely spent a lot of time preparing for the trip, from packing all of the right apparel for the climate to getting travel vaccinations. But it's also important to consider the details of getting around to the different attractions. Whether travelers are exploring London's British Museum, Paris' Eiffel Tower or Bavaria's Neuschwanstein Castle, all should try some of these tips for a pleasant Old-World excursion:

Arrive in the Off Season

Rather than scheduling a Europe tour for peak season, which is mid-June through August, consider coming during the shoulder season. Running from April through mid-June as well as September through October, this time of year allows people to avoid uncomfortable heat and large crowds. This is an especially good option for retirees who have the convenience of traveling anytime they please.

Travel Light

When exploring the European sites on a senior travel tour, it's wise to carry as little as possible. Whether visitors are walking or being driven, having to juggle an array of items can be an unpleasant experience. Additionally, lugging a bulky bag around can be difficult among a crowd of tourists. In general, the less weight a person has to carry around, the more energy and vibrancy they can maintain, making their senior travel tour a more enjoyable experience. Guests may want to try to fit all of their items in an easy-to carry bag, like a knapsack or fanny pack.

Ask for Assistance

Navigating the huge museums and galleries in Europe can be daunting, especially for seniors with mobility issues. However, many of these institutions have elevators. Even if an elevator, such as a freight lift, is not open to the public, staff will generally still allow older guests to use them. Additionally, most museums offer wheelchairs for seniors to use during their visit. In fact, cities like London and Berlin have strict wheelchair-friendly regulations that require organizations to provide accommodations for people who need help getting around.

A tour of Europe can be an exciting life adventure well worth the preparation. Travelers considering trekking the majestic countries of this continent can make it an easy experience by signing up for an affordable travel package. These deals include transportation and hotels and ensure that visitors get to see all the highlight attractions during their stays, so that seniors can enjoy stress-free explorations of the Old World!