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Turkish Baths Provide Relaxation in Istanbul

December 8, 2011 - 2:24am
Turkish Baths Provide Relaxation in Istanbul
One of the best parts of a vacation is getting to take a break from daily life to relax, and Istanbul is the perfect place for travelers who need to refresh. Traditional Turkish baths, like the famous Cemerlitas Hamami in Turkey's capital city, can be a great way for visitors to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

Turkish baths, also called hamams, are similar to saunas but going to one tends to be a more ritualistic ordeal. When a person visits a Turkish bath, they will first be taken to a hot room, which typically features a heated marble floor and a number of personal wash basins surrounding it. Most bath houses also have private cubicles for visitors who prefer to keep their modesty. After bathing, guests will receive a massage and then they can spend a while longer relaxing in a cooling room.

The Cemerlitas Hamami, located near the Grand Bazaar in downtown Istanbul, was built in 1584 and its rich history and architecture make it a great final destination for a Europe tour. Travelers let their troubles melt away while they get massages and experience a centuries-old European tradition.