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Why Choose a Danube River Cruise Over Other Vacations?

July 23, 2014 - 8:58am
Danube River
What could be more exciting and romantic than a Danube river cruise? YMT Vacations has been offering all inclusive vacation packages since 1967 and will make sure that you get the most out of this very special time. Consider that during the course of a normal cruise, while your meals are often included, there are never any excursions or on board entertainment included in the price of your ticket. With YMT Vacations, not only do you get to travel down the amazingly lovely Danube river, but as you cruise Europe, you’ll be able to engage in a wonderful amount of sightseeing included in your ticket price, or add on additional excursions for lower fares than a cruise line would offer.

What Makes a Danube River Cruise with YMT Vacations Different?

While most cruises are focused on getting you there and back, while letting you pick and choose what excursions you want on your vacation, YMT Vacations offers entire vacation packages which include everything you could ever want. You will enjoy a set amount of meals on ship and on land, hotel accommodations on land, and enchanting tour selections. Imagine being able to sail down the river on a Danube river cruise and watch as the real castle that inspired the stories of Sleeping Beauty passes by, or being able to spend an entire day in Prague on various sightseeing tours while being led by someone who is incredibly experienced in the local history and customs.

Furthermore, one of the things that make the trip you take with YMT Vacations different from other cruises and vacation packages is our customer focused mindset tailored to the mature traveler. Some cruise lines want to provide a round-the-clock party for their guests; however, we are more focused on someone who is interested in the history, culture, and sightseeing to be done in some of the world’s greatest locations, at a relaxed pace.

We know that you are traveling for the unforgettable and educational experiences that make each destination unique, and we deliver these to you at an affordable price. It is because of this that many of our returning guests are travelers who have taken tours with us before. They are delighted to return because of how much value they get out of our tours for the price.

This is evidenced by the fact that over fifty percent of our tours are often booked by those returning guests, ones who have taken our ocean cruises to Alaska or Hawaii, and now want to be able to explore the wonder that is Germany and Europe.

What are you waiting for? Germany, Europe, and all of history is waiting for you to go and visit it – from Prague to Munich and much more – all with a YMT Vacations Danube river cruise.