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Zwinger Palace Showcases Centuries of Art and Culture

December 17, 2012 - 7:00pm
Zwinger Palace Showcases Centuries of Art and Culture

Zwinger Palace is one of the many attractions Dresden has to offer. The Baroque German buildings that make up the palace are decorated with beautiful sculptures, and travelers will be able to explore the largest collection of ceramics in the world. There are numerous other galleries filled with works of art and artifacts located in the palace as well. Visitors will encounter many breathtaking structures, such as the Nymphaeum fountain, on the palace grounds as well, making every moment spent here memorable.

The Porcelain Collection includes traditional items like vases and flatware and well as less common creations, such as monkeys, lions, peacocks and other animals, according to the Palace website. There are more than 20,000 different items on display that have been collected from across the world, including pieces that were made during the Ming Dynasty in China in the late 1600s. The vast majority of the pieces were collected by August the Strong, who was obsessed with the material, which he called "white gold," the website reports.

Art and Culture
The Semper Building is home to the Old Masters Picture Gallery, which houses works from the Italian Renaissance as well as paintings by Dutch and Flemish artists from the 17th century. The works of Giorgione, Titian, Botticelli, Rembrandt and many other famed painters can be seen here, and there are even two paintings by Johannes Vermeer, which is especially impressive, as there are only about 30 paintings by this artist in existence. Visitors won't want to miss the chance to see Raphael's Sistine Madonna, which is perhaps best known for the two pondering cherubs at the bottom of the painting.

Palace Attractions
The name "Zwinger" means the space between the outer and inner city walls, and the palace started out as an orangery, according to Schloesserland-Sachsen. Eventually, the garden area was expanded upon, and the buildings that make up the palace were erected, but the beauty of the courtyard was preserved. Here, visitors will find the Nymphaeum fountain, which offers the chance to relax surrounded by Baroque sculpture and nature. Nearby, travelers can check out the Rampart Pavilion where events and performances are often held.

Whether art, architecture or history tickles travelers' fancies, Zwinger Palace has something to satisfy every itch, from the museums and galleries within the buildings to the well-preserved sculptures and statues throughout the grounds. With so much to see and do, visitors might want to make a list of all the things they'd like to experience at Zwinger Palace when their Europe tours bring them to Dresden.