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Make the Most of Your Hawaiian Islands Cruise

September 29, 2014 - 6:45pm
Hawaiian Island Cruise

Make the Most of Your Hawaiian Islands Cruise

YMT Vacations offers some of the best options for a Hawaiian islands cruise because of our proven history of quality, service, and trip planning. As one of the leading companies in tour groups for the mature traveler, YMT is often used repeatedly – in fact, many of our tours are almost fifty percent filled with returning customers because of how much they enjoy the services we offer. Simply put, we are unlike any other tour group or cruise agency because of our focus on making sure we provide the best Hawaii tours to our target audience, instead of just seeing how many people can be crammed onto a boat.

What Does “Target Audience” Mean in Terms of a Hawaiian Islands Cruise?

When choosing the right cruise line, one of the biggest things to consider is who else is going to be on the cruise. Most cruise lines simply set up the cruise and let you choose what excursions you want to go on, or what sites you want to see while you’re in port or at sea. This often results in cruise ships becoming far more stressful than they should be as a result of both the added stress of choosing individual options as well as having to deal with other passengers who are in different age brackets and want different things from their cruise.

One of the ways to get the most from your Hawaiian islands cruise is to travel with people in your own age group, who want the same things as you do out of a tour. You’ll never have to worry about the “kids” next door staying up late and being loud when traveling with YMT Vacations – simply because we focus on providing the best types of tours for older Americans who are looking to travel with a group and see some of the things that they have never seen before.

When traveling to Hawaii, YMT Vacations offers a full seven night cruise with all of your meals included, four nights of hotel accommodations and the ability to visit such places as the USS Arizona, all four main Hawaiian islands, and even go on a tour with a locally trained, professional, Polynesian Tour Director who can help you get the most out of your stay and provide you will a wealth of knowledge about the islands' culture and history.

YMT Vacations – There Isn’t a Better Choice

Why choose some other cruise line and have to make all the arrangements yourself, when we can offer one of the best Hawaiian islands cruise choices around? Give us a call and book your vacation today!