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YMT Vacations started in 1967 with the goal of providing affordable vacations to Hawaii, where the idea of Ohana is ever present. "Ohana" is the Hawaiian word for "family," and we count all of our guests among the YMT family. Once you've traveled with us, you automatically become a member of our Ohana Club, and that means you can save big on your next vacation! While travelers new to YMT can take advantage of our Early Booking Discounts and travel free through our Group Leader Program, only YMT Ohana Club members enjoy these exclusive additional opportunities to save:


YMT Vacations is proud to offer an affordable travel experience. Because we value your business, YMT has created a Loyalty Program that rewards YMT guests with a discount that makes our superb vacation packages an even better value!

After traveling with YMT, we’re excited to welcome you to our Ohana Club! As a valued member, you can now take advantage of your loyalty discount to receive an extra 5% savings on your next vacation if you travel with us again within 12 months. If you wait a bit longer - up to 3 years - we'll still offer you a 3% savings!

Loyalty savings are off the base tour price only, after any applicable discounts have been applied. Certain conditions apply, please call for details