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Latin America Land Tours

To our south awaits a land brimming with mystery and intrigue. South America is home to Peru and the land of the Incas, where you will discover unlimited magic and breathtaking scenery. This mountainous vacation destination is ideal for history lovers who like to pack in wondrous landscapes and bountiful natural beauty with their look into the past.

Explore the capital city of Peru, Lima, where history comes alive with fascinating museums and historic buildings which showcase the once vast wealth of the Spanish Empire. Discover culturally significant cities like Cusco. Venture deep into the Andean highlands, once the epicenter of the Incan Empire. Here you can explore unforgettable ancient ruins and shop for locally-made art and souvenirs. Don't forget to get a taste of authentic Peruvian cuisine by trying the local foods on your next trip.

Floating islands, Andean condors, and unique cuisine await on our Latin America Land Tours.


Best of Peru

Peru Vacation Package Details

Travel across the misty, mysterious land of the Incas—Peru is a mountainous vacation destination with limitless magic to uncover, history to learn, and beauty to fall in love with on this sweeping tour.

13 Days from $2299 (was $2549)

Per person, double occupancy, excludes roundtrip airfare

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