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The port town of La Coruña, Spain, is a beautiful sight to behold, and it was also the home of famous artist Pablo Picasso when he was a boy.
While most may think first of the Golden Gate Bridge when they envision San Francisco, there are a number of other landmarks that make the California city famous - including the Coit Tower.
Hawaii may be best known for its natural beauty, but the 50th state also has a few important historic sites, including Pearl Harbor and the less well-known National Cemetery.
Zwinger Palace is one of the many attractions Dresden has to offer.
In the days before plows and snowmobiles were common, Alaskan people often traveled from town to town with a team of sled dogs that pulled them across the snow.
It's no secret that the Hawaiian Islands are a haven for surfers around the world.
The port town of Dover, England, is steeped in history, and visitors can learn all about the area's heritage when they tour Dover Castle, which is known to many as "The Key to England."
Hawaii is as well known for its perfect surfing conditions as it is for its beautiful beaches, and visitors can get a taste of both in Oahu's North Shore town of Haleiwa.
The Loreta Shrine is a popular spot in Prague for Marian pilgrims, and even travelers who aren't on a religious journey can still visit this sacred destination in the heart of the Czech Republic capital.
In the 14th century, kings battled for control over the land in Europe, and they maintained their authority by punishing criminals and traitors in some very severe ways.