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Pack This, Not That: What you’ll need for your next cruise

July 22, 2014

One of the big draws of cruising is only having to unpack once. Even if your itinerary includes multiple countries, you’ll still have all your gear in a single place and you’ll never have to live out of a suitcase. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to consider when packing for a cruise. Weather, en-route transportation and dress codes can present some luggage dilemmas.

More to Sea: Something for Everyone on a Cruise & Land Journey

July 8, 2014

When you imagine your ideal vacation do you see yourself relaxing beside the pool with the sun on your face and the sounds of the ocean in your dreams? Or, perhaps, enjoying a Broadway-style show after having drinks with friends at a swanky lounge? From spa treatments to fine dining, we all have different thoughts about the best way to relax and unwind, but what if on your next getaway you could have it all?

The Giant’s Bridge

June 11, 2014

giants causeway, ireland, UNESCOLike stepping stones leading to the sea, the hexagonal pillars of Giant’s Causeway are like nothing you’ve ever seen. A honeycomb of 40,000 columns poking up along the shore, these formations were created 60 million years ago by molten lava. As the lava hit the frigid waters of the Atlantic, it crystallized into the basalt pillars that create this otherworldly landscape.

Discovering Remedios: Cuba’s Unknown Treasure

June 4, 2014

There’s an old Cuban legend of a very charismatic priest who faced a problem not unfamiliar to us casual Catholics -- a poor showing for mass. His solution? He sent out a group of presumably-willing teenage acolytes to scare up a crowd. Armed with pots, pans and the favor of the Almighty, they banged their way into the homes of the no-show parishioners and straight into Cuban folklore.

Discovering the “Real” Hawaii

May 28, 2014

Tourism has become big business these days. Most destinations attract you with glossy brochures and Madison Avenue advertising. There are theme parks and “must-see” hotspots, slick productions and high-end tours designed to keep you and your dollars coming back. But sometimes the best attractions are the roadside ones, the ones locals recall fondly from their childhood. These are the places that give you a rare glimpse beyond the guide books and straight into the heart of a place.