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September 10, 2014

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. At first it didn’t make sense. There, peaking through the towering sculptures of Muraleando, Cuba, were the broken remains of typewriters, telephones, tire rims and even furniture. In a place where grit, spit and Duck tape can keep a ’56 Chevy Bel Air running, it was just further evidence that in Castro’s Cuba, nothing is ever disposable.

The Tastes of Paradise

September 3, 2014

For centuries the cacao tree from which chocolate is born could only be found within 20 degrees latitude of the equator. Its need for a precise temperature and moisture retention made it unlikely you’d find it anywhere other than the dense tropical Amazon forests. Once a secret treasure of the Mayans and the Aztecs, the crop is now being cultivated on the Big Island of Hawaii and the island of Oahu.

Beyond the Guidebook: The Hawaii Four-Island Agricultural Tour

August 27, 2014

Besides the amazing resorts and popular beaches, Hawaii offers a whole lot of lesser-known treasures that make this place pretty special. On our YMT Vacations Hawaii Four-Island Agricultural Tour we got to go beyond the tourist highlights to experience the real Aloha State — the places the locals love and the ones I’ll never forget. We learned the history, experienced the culture and wandered through some spectacular landscapes.

YMT Vacations Expands International Destinations

August 13, 2014

Alaska Denali National ParkAs your curiosity for the world grows, you’ll no doubt look for new destinations to explore. That’s why YMT Vacations is continually expanding our list of the places we can take you to. From our nation’s parks to the Far East, Old World Europe to America’s “final frontier,” we offer you more and more ways to see the globe — all with a travel company you know and at prices you can afford.