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Exploring the Vatican: Tips for this iconic stop on your Italy Tour

November 24, 2014

Vatican CityA sovereign state since 1929, Vatican City has its own post office, banks, currency, judicial system and newspaper. The 500 people who reside here, as well as the papacy staff, all live under the rule of the Pope, Europe’s only absolute monarch. When visiting, there are a host of historical, cultural and religious sights to see in this tiny nation that sits in the heart of Rome.

The Rock of Gibraltar: A popular port of call on YMT Vacations’ European Cruises

November 6, 2014

GibraltarThe British enclave of Gibraltar juts out from the tip of Spain into the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea. This monolith, known as ‘the Rock,’ looks across the straits into Africa and has long been coveted for its position as gatekeeper of Europe’s most important waterway. The actual Rock of Gibraltar is a huge mount that rises from the land occupying a bulk of the small, narrow peninsula.