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Hot as Hell: 5 Tips for Visiting Death Valley

June 15, 2015

Death ValleyAs the name says, Death Valley is one of the hottest and harshest places on the planet. With a punishing landscape and temperatures that soar well above 100 degrees, it is a lonely, barren world that at times seems almost apocalyptic. Yet, as you drive further into the interior of this National Park, visitors discover it is also a world of soaring dunes, water-sculpted canyons and fascinating wildlife.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country: Explore the “Plain” Living of the Amish

June 9, 2015

Amish BuggyThe history of the Pennsylvania Amish community dates back to the 16th century when the Anabaptist movement led to the birth of three “plain” communities: the Amish, Mennonites, and Brethren. Of the three, the Amish community remains the most conservative, emphasizing family, community, and separation from the secular world, including a reluctance to embrace modern conveniences like electricity.

The Best Things to Do in Dublin

June 4, 2015

As one of the world’s most walkable cities, Dublin offers a myriad of ways to spend a pleasant Irish afternoon. Pay a wandering homage to the city’s great novelist, James Joyce, or pause for a pint in the medieval streets of Temple Bar. Wander the hallowed halls of Ireland’s oldest university or have a nip of the good stuff at an Irish distillery. Here are our top ten things to do in Dublin:

The Best Way to See the Rose Parade: 5 Tips for First-Timers

June 1, 2015

Rose ParadeThe Rose Parade is the “Grandaddy of them all,” an American institution as synonymous with the New Year as fireworks or resolutions. But for many first-timers to this Pasadena tradition, there are a host of questions on the ins and outs of seeing it first-hand. If you’re considering a trip to next year’s event, here are our tips for the Rose Parade.

Before Take Off: 10 Tips for Helicopter Tours of Hawaii

May 28, 2015

Helicopter Tour of HawaiiThere are many ways you can explore the islands of Hawaii but perhaps one of the most memorable is through a helicopter tour. While most travel itineraries do not include them in the cost of your vacation, these optional tours are a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is well worth the additional expense. But before you take off, here are a few tips for your helicopter tour of Hawaii: