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The Top 5 Things to Do in Sedona

February 23, 2015

Vancouver FoodFrom its famous red rocks to the desert hiking trails, Sedona offers incredible vistas and exciting adventures for visiting travelers. Will you be among those on a visit to Sedona soon? Wondering, “what is there to do in Sedona?” Well, here is a list of our favorite things to do in this Arizona resort town:

Fall Foliage Flavors: Top 5 New England Comfort Foods

February 16, 2015

GettysburgWhen the leaves begin to flame with the colors of fall, it seems the whole world converges on the back roads and winding lanes of New England. If you’re planning a trip “downeast” this autumn, make sure to enjoy the flavors of the season. From fall festivals to roadside markets, shore shacks to U-Pick-It apple farms, there’s a bounty of good eats to be savored. Here are five of our favorite New England comfort foods.

First-Timer Tips for Las Vegas

February 13, 2015

GettysburgYou’ve just arrived in Las Vegas and between the flashing neon, the waves of people and the cacophony of slot machines, it’s hard to know just where to begin. For anyone visiting Vegas for the first time, it can be a little bit overwhelming. If you’re looking to travel to Vegas or book a group Vegas vacation package, here are a few tips for managing the strip you might want to know:

What to Expect: Lake Tahoe

February 5, 2015

Balloon FiestaThe beauty of the nation’s largest alpine lake often leaves you speechless. Maybe it’s the colorful pebbled bed that you can see through the crystal clear water or the way the mountains are mirrored across its azure surface. Either way, Lake Tahoe is easily one of America’s most beautiful destinations.